January Blues

by Alex Baker

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Kelsi Corlett
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Kelsi Corlett I'm obsessed with this album. I listen to it while I'm working, driving, getting ready, etc. It makes me really happy!! Favorite track: Windy Nebraska.
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Recorded in March 2013 in Cincinnati and St.Louis


released September 22, 2013

Written by Alex Baker. Engineered, Produced, and Mixed by Mike Liorti of ROSEDALE. Mastered by Steve Rizun at Drive Studios. cover art photo taken by Mike Baker @ mikebakerfoto.com



all rights reserved


Alex Baker Cincinnati, Ohio

Former frontman/songwriter of Nashville's Dewey Decibel. Currently touring Central/eastern America with Toronto's ROSEDALE on the 'Yellow Bus Tour'

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Track Name: Damn People
Its just the way of the World. You've got a one track mind to the ferris Wheel. Its just the way that you smile. You've got a nose for things and a mouth that gets by. Its just the way of the world. All you damn people I will give you something to laugh at.
Track Name: Race Me Around
I know you but i don't. Call out my name race me around.
Track Name: Honey Suckle
Oh darling night time is the time that I wanna see you. Did you even know that? Darlin all the time we spend is in the car. Then we go to the impound lot. And so all of these honey suckle trees are into us as we are into cutting them all down. Oh darlin night time is the time that i wanna see you. DId you even know that? And darling all the time we spend is in the sand then we go to the waterfall in the dark at the state park.
Track Name: In the Alley
I can tell my love is swell so get away from me. night and day catch some heaven like you always do. Maybe I'm in the Alley, maybe I'm on the bus. Maybe I'm out for Breakfast Kickin the dust on the yellow bus. Olden timesc come back again. I feel lost more lost than I really ever should.
Track Name: Ice Farmer
My father was an Ice Farmer. He always was a slow talker. He went to work and never came home. My mother was a side-winder. She got rapped up in a loose wire. and then I came home to her head of thorns. Oh no what do we do lovin everyone with an innocent sole. Oh shit look at you now all you little kids with an innocent sole Hey! Say for me why your so tired. I've been livin nowhere and my feet are wet. To my house, our house we'll go.
Track Name: Windy Nebraska
Silly bag man, you break your head in front of me. You don't have any money and it ain't gunna come for free. I feel good for the first time please don't get a hold of me. Take yourself on a bus line don't expect no company. Its been so long since i remember ever pulling out. So why this September when I am racing for you mouth. It doesn't matter anyway I'm making heaven feeling blue alright. It doesn't matter anyway I'm mad at everything you do. Wind hits Nebraska its getting awfully far from you. This year went by slowly don't expect my tape to break because it will.
Track Name: Spring On the Coast
I've been upset. And I don't know how I'll get over it yet. I'll try but I don't know what for. The beginning was fun then winter had come and devolved everyone. and we're tired, we don't know what from. The wind here just blows me around. Spring on the Coast. The waves hit hard floating like a traveling ghost. and I've tried but I don't know what for.
Track Name: North Dakota
Lay me down. Arizona's always dry. Win my heart, we will never be apart. Oh everybody thinks about it, everybody talks about it too much. Everybody dreams about it, everybody talks about it not enough. The way we are, North Dakota's on the rise. Its the back and the forth and time. Elbows on the dash. The kids all try. But the situation's in their minds. And i'm ready to ride and i'm ready to go.
Track Name: Wave Your Hands
In the middle of my day I woke up to your ears plugged tight with little white headphones. 1989 August 8th levitates the morning. You held my arms up at Findlay Market that day after dark. So wave your hands out the window to be free darling you'll always mean much to me. In the middle of my day May 15th 2011 I woke up to my hands cuffed tight. She didn't read my book she was just a girl. A girl from 1984 George Orwell, if you've ever read that book. She held my arms up on Mar Del drive that day after dark..so I just had to say Wave your hands out the window to be free darling you'll always mean much to me.